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Speckle Park Bulls, Females and Genetics for Sale

Speckle Park bulls and Speckle Park females for sale at the Upper Hunter Spring Speckle Park sale have been raised and prepared using low stress stock handling techniques and follow all aspects of routine animal health management.

New members of the sale are mentored to ensure that the quality of their offering meets the highest standard desired by the Speckle Park buyer.

All bulls have been vet checked and semen tested. Females over the age of 12 months and not too far in calf have been physically examined by a vet to be reproductively sound. All cattle are weighed and scanned for EMA, P8 and Rump Fat and IMF at the sale and this information will be available in a supplementary sheet. All cattle have been tested Pesti-Virus Free.

The governing body for Speckle Park Breed in Australia is Speckle Park International. Speckle Park International is the fastest growing cattle breed association in Australia with over 460 members and counting.

Every animal offered at the Upper Hunter Spring Speckle Park sale has been DNA tested and is registered with Speckle Park International. All genetic packages are from registered donor dams and AI sires.

The Speckle Park Breed Association expects complete transparency through the registration process. Only animals who meet strict DNA requirements are registered as donor dams and AI sires.

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All Speckle Park Bulls for sale come with a six-month structure and fertility guarantee. In the case (supported by a Veterinarian report) that a bull is found to be incapable of natural service or infertile, the selling stud vendor will replace the bull with an animal of comparable value or provide a credit (less disposal proceeds) to the buyer for future purchases from the stud vendor. This condition is provided on the basis that the problem was not caused by injury or disease incurred post fall of the hammer at auction.


All Speckle Park Females for sale are sold as guaranteed breeders. Females over 12 months and not too far in calf have been vet checked to be reproductively sound. In the unlikely event that a female cannot be bred successfully within 6 months from the date of the sale or by the time the female reaches 22 months, the vendor guarantees (without expenses, interest, costs and damages) the purchase can be refunded or a replacement female will be given (provided that the purchased female has not been injured or contracted a disease since leaving the sale) upon return of the affected female. This guarantee does not apply to a female that is entered into an embryo transfer program.

The sale as a separate entity assumes no responsibility for individual animals or vendors. Any complaint must be made direct to the vendor.

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