Leading Speckle Park Genetics from Australia and Canada at your doorstep


The Speckles in the Capital sale boasts the most diverse offering of leading Speckle Park genetics ever consigned in Australia.


Represented are top Canadian sires Notta Hawkeye, Champion of the World, and Underhill All Out, Canadian Coast to Coast Champion to name a few. 


Arguably some of the best Speckle Park cows in the breed such as Codiak Unique 8R, Notta Pho-Finish 54P and Prairie Hill Reba are all represented. 


Tried and true genetics from leading Speckle Park studs worldwide such as River Hill, Notta, Codiak, PAR, JSF, Prairie Hill, Wolf Lake, Maungahina, SPKNZ, Spot n Sprouts and MX Ranch feature in the catalogue from start to finish.



Since the introduction of Speckle Park cattle to Australia in 2008, future focused breeders have worked to shape the breed to meet the Australian cattle market. 

Traditionally, Speckle Parks are a moderate framed, early maturing animal that produces a high yielding, high quality finished carcass at 14-18 months. The Speckle Park has made a seamless transition to southern Australian conditions, thriving through the relatively mild winters (compared to -40 in Canada) and blooming through long summers. Speckle Park cattle “slick off” their heavy winter coats in Spring allowing them to cope with the summer heat like most other cattle breeds. 

While for many Australian Speckle Park breeders this is the brief, others have seen potential in the Queensland market. Selectively breeding larger framed animals has created a Speckle Park with more leg under it capable of walking the distances and covering Brahman cows. The market for this animals is growing rapidly in Queensland as they match desired frame whilst retaining the meat qualities of Speckle Park with additional benefits in fertility. The resulting progeny, the “Brahkle”, are proving to fit the bill not only as higher quality steers, but as more fertile replacement heifers. 

Regardless of the market Speckle Park has your bases covered.


The vendors are a mix of breeders who have been in the breed for in excess of 10 years (most of which have been beef breeding for much longer) and enthusiastic newer breeders. The principals of  Ersyldene, 2010 and Rose Hill, 2011, have a deep knowledge of all facets of the Speckle Park breed from the society to bloodlines and the animals themselves.

Underpinning the sale are the dual philosophies of mentorship and teamwork which means that knowledge is shared increasing the success of all and the Speckle Park Breed in general.

Vendors already have obtained some outstanding achievements from the show ring to the breeding pen. Rose Hill has had several Royal Show Champions including Grand Champion Speckle Park Female at 2019 Sydney Royal with Rose Hill Secret Rendezvous. 

Vendors have invested heavily in Speckle Park stud cattle and genetics to further improve their breeding programs. 


Across the breed the uptake of Breedplan in Speckle Park cattle has been slow and data is not yet very reliable due to small cohort sizes. The vendors of the Upper Hunter Spring Speckle Park Sale see the value in data collection and have pledged to be as involved as possible in Breedplan, all having some level of commitment


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