Speckle park breed, consumer driven - commercially profitable

Consumer Driven

No longer does the discerning consumer see value in a huge T-Bone over hanging the plate. Today’s beef consumer is happy to pay a premium for a smaller cut of quality beef. Speckle Park beef is renowned for being well marbled at a younger age making it tender, tasty and fine grained. The ability to produce this quality beef at a younger age means smaller sized cuts which consumers value as being affordable quality. Shoppers are also now demanding the back story of their food rating highly animal welfare and sustainably grown. Speckle Park’s ability to produce an outstandingly finished carcass at a younger age off grass or short term feed means a higher degree of animal welfare and a smaller carbon footprint. 

Is Speckle Park Beef the Best Beef?- We think so!

With the best colour, marbling and texture of any beef I have worked with over my 30 years of butchery, the decision to provide Speckle Park beef to our customers was easy. Speckle Park cattle are flat bone and what this means is that you can yield up to 7% more muscle to bone ratio. The bone weight is far less than any other breed weight for age, and with cattle prices high at the moment this provides butchers with a better bottom line. With modern butchery and boning techniques I believe all producers should be breeding cattle with these characteristics.


The secret to Speckle Park Breed consistently producing quality beef with terrific dressing percentages are the genetic decisions made when the breed was created. Starting with Angus and Shorthorn to create a strong base, the addition of other breeds added to the hardiness, feed conversion rates and dressing percentage has made Speckle Park the ultimate now stabilised breed.

Speckle Park

  • Have a higher dressing percentage than Angus while matching Angus in all other carcass traits
  • Are second only to Wagyu for marbling without the need for a 365-day grain diet
  • Meet MSA premium standards at a young age and with minimal finishing 

Reduced inputs means higher margins


Premium quality attracts a premium price at sale.

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